hawaiian farm grown natural acai bowl
hawaiian farm grown natural acai bowl is the best!
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Kahuku Farms Acai
Hawaii-grown Acai
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getting ready to harvest from the Acai palms
Kylie, one of the founders, with a fresh bunch of berries

Kahuku Farms Acai


Açai is a marble sized berry that blossoms in purple clusters on a tall, narrow palm tree. This tropical super-fruit is native to Brazil (over 7,000 miles from Hawaii), and only grows in regions near the equator. Unlike large Açai companies that ship their products thousands of miles before it sees the inside of a blender, we proudly grow, process, and serve Açai all in one location - our family farm!


In 2008, we planted our first Açaí seed. Eight years passed before they produced a single yield. Surprisingly, the berry mainly consists of a seed! The deep violet skin retains remarkable nutritional qualities and has proven quite stubborn to extract - making each harvest a true treasure. 

Traditionally, most Açai consumed in the U.S. is harvested on riverbanks in the Amazon forest, then sent on boats to the nearest processing facility. Unfortunately, the health benefits of the berry diminish rapidly within 24 hours after harvesting.

In 2016, we were one of the first farms in the country growing Acai. With no peers to look to, our founders, Kylie and Judah, pioneered a 'small batch', handcrafted extracting process. To ensure the highest quality, at Kahuku Farms we wash and process immediately after picking the fruit - 

promising you the freshest Açai you’ve ever tasted. 


Our recipe is unique as well. After a year of exploring dozens of toppings, textures, and flavors, the first Açaí bowl made with 100% Hawaiian Açaí berries was born. We thought it best to keep it simple and stick to fresh, local ingredients.


The Kahuku Farms Acai bowl features:

Farm Grown Hawaiian Acai, Apple Banana, Mixed Berries, Haupia, Almond Milk, Agave. Topped with Granola, Apple Banana, Liliko'i Butter, Graham-Mac Nut Crumble


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